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Meet Our Team


Tasos Kaklamanis

Nikos Protopapas

Giannis Tsiantis

Tassos Kaklamanis was born in Athens in 1973 and grew up in Egaleo municipality. His family roots are from Makri-Livisi (Minor Asia) and Karya (Lefkas island).

He studied Chemical Engineer in N.T.U.A and works as a technical consultant for Greek shipping.

He plays professionally 3-string bouzouki and sings, having participated in many bands and multiple musical events in Greece and abroad.

Founder of the social Egaleo municipality conservatory.

Founder of Society of Historical Research ‘LYCIA’ that aims to the rescue of Minor Asia history , memory and civilization. ‘LYCIA’ activities for 2021 have been under the auspices and founding of Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Co-founder of Greek Music Archive ‘GRECOUS’ aiming to the rescue study and spread of Greek Music Culture.

Writer of one theatrics act, one novel , one biography, four poetry collections and twelve historical books for Minor Asia history

Married with two children. He lives in Votanikos-Athens.

Giannis Tsiantis was born in Athens in 1976. His family roots are from Helidona (Evrytania).

He studied Medicine and specialized in Cardiology. Later he retrained in latest heart ultrasound techniques. He is a member of European and Greek Society of Cardiology, PhD candidate at the University of Athens and participates in research programs -multicentric studies and in presentations of announcements in conferences.

From an early age, he  was involved in music composition and writing.

He has attained lessons of piano, guitar and 3-string bouzouki. He was one of the founders of music band ‘Lavyrythmos’ that published two albums (City-Seasons-People and Life from the window).

He has cooperated with Tassos Kaklamanis in the writing of the novel ‘Seven’, published in 2007 from ‘Metronomos’ publications. In 2020 he published his personal double work (novel and music CD) names “The girl of tekke…Travelogue in Drapetsona’ and in 2022 he published the novel-CD ‘Dawn of Kaisaariani’ from ‘Metronomos’ publications’

He maintains a private cardiology clinic and regularly writes articles on medicine and culture.

He lives in Halandri/Athens with his wife Evangelia Parisi and his two daughters Penelope and Athanasia.

Guitar is the base of every good ‘Rebetika’ band and Nikos Protopapas is one of the most recognized guitar players of the new generation. From an early age he started working in Magazine Press, in various well known magazines, while later he studied kindergarten. But in the end, music won him over!

Since 1984, he started playing folk guitar in music places and he cooperated with Babis Goles, Agathonas Iakovidis, Girogos Xintaris, Takis Binis, Ioanna Georgakopoulou, Manolis Dimitrianakis, Theodoros Polykandriotis, Koulis Skarpelis, Dimitris Tsaousakis,  Lela Papadopoulou,  Anthoula Alifrangi, Beba Blans, Dimitris Efstathiou, Nikos Pergialis, Spyros Polykandriotis, Tassia Verra, Sofia Kollitiri, Giorgos Sarris,Spyros Liosis, Doukissa, Charoula Lampraki, Kostas Papadopoulos, Giannis Moraitis and others.

In 2005, together with Katerina Tsiridou and Dimitris Kranidas, he cooperated with the famous blues musician Louisiana Red and Jolly Jumper and Big Moe (Blues and Rebetiko) and later with Bob Brozman.

He has participated in discography in records of Babis Goles, Agathonas, Glykeria, D.Efstathiou, N.Pergialis,  as also in te soundtrack of the documentary ‘My sweet canary’ .

He is founding member the band of Rebetiko music ‘KOMPANIA’ with  tours all around the worls, important national awards and two records in Top 10 of the European Charts- WMCE ("KOMPANÍA Live" in #5 and "Round Trip" in #7). In 2016 he published his first private record titled ‘Tempo-the rebetiko guitars project” with many well known musicians and singers participation ani in 2022 the second, titled "GuitArt".

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