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"From the girl of teke to the Harama Kaisariani's"

Unique singers of Rembetiko and a great team of musicians , Katerina......... together with the special narratives of Giannis Tsiantis and accompanied by projection of rare historical material (video documentary clips), present a misical-theatrical travel from the stary  pre-war lyrics to the Greek urban folk music , right as it was born and structured in the borders of the social frame, inside prisons, hashish-smoking places, bordels and  raised through the pain of outlaws, refugees and murdered political rebelians .

A performance based on the two books and cd's  written by Giannis Tsiantis which are travelling us to neglected pages of Greek history and to the legendary music of outlaws, hashish smokers and the blooded social battles of the refugee's neighborhoods.

A musical libation made of strong emotion, intoxination, blood and ink from an era of tough survival, sacrifical resistance and inspired by from the anonymous Greeks that preserved like a 'holy grail' our cellular culture and civilization... the Spree, the Eemotion, the  Freedom, the Solidarity.

This musical dialogue of culture and history , through melodies that transfer the old lyrics and ages on a table-singing that smells pentagrams made of braveness , good heart, pain, vineyard and olive tree, looks like the table of our Mother, our Mother Greece.

Musical Anthology: Rebetika, Smyrneika, Opera-style, and later inspirations of great composers and lyricists (from Markos Vamvakaris to Vembo and Chatzidakis and from Tsitsanis to Mikis and Loizos)



Katerina Tsiridou: Singing, baglamas, percussion

Sotiris papatragiannisSinging, narration, baglamas

Giannis Tsiantis : Narration,singing,tzouras, percussion

Giorgos Tosikian: Solo classic guitar

Tasos Kaklamanis: Singing, buzuki

Giannis Haralabakis: Singing, guitar, buzuki

Nikos Protopapas: Guitar, singing

Dimos Vougioukas: Accordion

Antonis Tzikas : Upright bass

Music editing and orchestration:Nikos Protopapas

Texts and Music Documentary clips : Giannis Tsiantis

Duration: 2 h και 10 min

Total number of musicians : 9 


Katerina Tsiridou


Sotiris Papatragiannis

Giann Ts_edited.jpg

Giannis Tsiantis


Giorgos Tosikian


Dimos Vougioukas


Nikos Protopapas

Giann Har_edited.jpg

Giannis Haralabakis


Tasos Kaklamanis


Antonis Tzikas

Based on Giannis Tsiantis books and cd's

'The girl of teke' and 'Harama Kaisariani's'

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Publisher Metronomos

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